'Spaces' is the interactive environment on this website featuring an ongoing series of small computer programmes, which range from interactive typefaces to more abstract exploratory environments or work-in-progress. 'Spaces' can be accessed via the button on the top right of this webpage, or click here. (optimised for desktop).
Pictures from the recent exhibition of my PhD research at 'Hopscotch', research biennale 2023, Copeland Gallery, London.
Screenshots from my PhD research, titled 'Towards an Uncausal Practice of Visual Communication'
'Soon, I began to sense that the computer screen I saw in front of me was somehow different from the screen I was used to seeing. the strangeness of it was subtle but undeniable.' ('Towards an Uncausal Practice of Visual Communication', PhD Thesis 2023)
The Research Biennale 2023 Website gives an insight into the research projects at the Royal College of Art, London.
Feature in Étapes Magazin, Best European Diplomas
Speaker at ATypI 2018, Antwerp (pictures by normanposselt.com)
Langue Trouvée – Language Beyond Semantic Content; Exhibition at The Westworks, London. Click here to try.
Language and Limbs
Language and Limbs Installation
Ephemeral Typing. Click here to try.
Encyclopedia as Speculative Narrative
tate christmas card – my performative typeface reveals textual and ornamental shapes on the christmas card for tate london. now on sale online and in the tate shops.
In the typeface ‘mingle’, each alphabetic character is cut up in such a way that it mingles, while typing, with the subsequent character within a word, forming a new hybrid letterform. The typeface explores the choreography of typing as a creative rather than reproductive act. Mingle combines qualities of asemic writing with a functional typeface. It keeps the reader in a state of hovering between reading and looking. Click here to try.
Performative Typeface
Analogue sketches for an asemic typeface.
joan miro once said 'i try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like notes that she music'. how could colour function as written language? where are the limitations of written language?
first sketch for a performative typeface
collaboratively performed typeface at the typographic singularity exhibition
asemic characters composed with my performative typeface
'Gestural alphabet' was exhibited at Primary Questions 2017 (London), Language Games Conference 2017 (London) and Typojanchi, International Typography Biennale 2019 (Seoul). (Please turn on sound)
Agil is a typeface that is responsive to the speed of typing. Inspired by analogue writing, agil shows a development from static letters to agile, dynamic forms with increased typing speed. Agil is not a digitalisation of analogue script, but its curves are based on an analysis of speed in handwriting. The five styles of agil (nix agil, solala agil, ziemlich agil, voll agil, and hyper agil) are combined in a text. This project was the winner of the third prize at the international Designpreis Halle 2017. (Pictures by Felix Rabe) Click here to try.
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